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A Roman priest leads a reluctant sacrificial goat towards a flaming altar, above which Minerva (Pallas Athena) stands in a temple. Overhead, Sol (Helios) emerges from the clouds driving a quadriga. Inscribed: "Nonnos, priest and worshipper of Pallas, made an offering", c.3rd cent T895286 photo

1925, Eleusis, Greece. Woman looks at medallion of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius.

Photo by: Maynard Owen Williams
T895286 photo

A study of imprints of fabrics on Bronze Age seals from Lerna and Phaistos reveals previously unknown types of ancient Greek textiles T895286 photo

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Llorenç Alapont Martin, Rosa Albiach Descals, Stephen Kay. STUDIO ANTROPOLOGICO DEL NUCLEO DI CALCHI DA PORTA NOLA @LlorAlapont @stephenjohnkay @pompeii_sites #pompei #Pompeii #calchipompei #bioarchaeology #archaeologyofdeath
T895286 photo