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Vast range of frescoes found in Villa Ariana at Stabiae include 'carpet' themes like this.

After tunnelling/excavations 1759-1762 under Bourbons, best examples removed to royal collections: now in MANNaples (L).
Some remain, others defaced to prevent being taken.
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An incredibly life-like sardonyx portrait thought to depict the Roman emperor Trajan.

Dated to c. 98 - 103 CE, it may have been resculpted from an earlier portrait of the emperor Domitian.

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Frieze and architrave from the Athena Terrace.
Sanctuary of Athena
Pergamon Acropolis
Hellenistic Period
Bergama Museum
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🎨 These pieces of painted plaster help us colour in our picture of what #Roman #Canterbury would have looked like!

💰Wealthy #Romans (like the people that owned the Roman Town House at the #museum) often had to their rooms decorated with colourfully painted plaster.

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A beautiful Crouching Venus statue (officially the 'Lely Venus'), a #Roman marble sculpture copied in the C2nd AD from a Hellenistic Greek original. Quite a few statues of Venus in this pose have been found in Italy, suggesting it was a popular piece of art in antiquity. T895286 photo