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"what is that animal that walks on 4 legs in the morning, on 2 at noon and on 3 in the evening?"
This is the riddle of the Sphinx. Will Oedipus be able to solve it?
Mosaic from a tomb in the necropolis of Pianabella,today at the archaeological area of ​​Ostia antica
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Time to get ahead of @EuuanXCVI for #epigraphytuesday inscription on slate from Roman London. @MuseumofLondon I had never contemplated how long the history of importing slate to London was. Presumably from North Wales… T895286 photo
#MosaicMonday | A stunning Roman mosaic medallion depicting the Greek hero Bellerophon slaying the Chimera. Dated c. 2nd - 3rd century CE.

🏛️Musée Rolin Autun

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A curious 2,300 year old Egyptian gold ring showing a rat tied to a pillar.

The rat holds two ears of corn in his mouth - indicating he may have been arrested for theft!

Who owned it is a mystery. Perhaps an ancient rat catcher?

🏛️ @britishmuseum

#Classics #Egypt #Art #History
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