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Delighted that this splendid volume is now out! The result of a brilliant conference hosted by @the_bsr and the Centro di Studi sulla Cultura e l’Immagine di Roma. I’m in there discussing inscriptions (obviously…) and their role in Cardinal Albani’s collections of antiquities. T895286 photo
More fantastic images from my recent guide lectured trip to the wonderful Roman Bay of Naples with the fab @AndanteTravels ! New stunning museums in Pompeii amd Stabiae with amazing artwork on display for the first time! Plus lovely Herculaneum of course! @UniKent
T895286 photo
New discoveries at the #Roman sanctuary of Bagno grande in S. Casciano dei Bagni/Italy:
Thousands of coins and other offerings unearthed,  e.g. a fantastic bronze figurine of a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes wearing a lunula (crescent-shaped) pendant.
T895286 photo
Memorial plaque to “Alexander, a sausage seller at the market. He lived 30 years. He was a good soul and everyone’s friend. May he sleep among the righteous”
The tombstone is carved with a menorah and was found in a Jewish catacomb on the Via Appia, 3rd-4th century AD. Ashmolean
T895286 photo
Ancient Egyptian cosmetic spoons on display at the Louvre, Paris. Photo source and more information: Women in Antiquity FB page. T895286 photo